Amazing Speakers

Meet the movers and shakers of the tech community from the trailblazing founders and funders across the Southeast Asia region.

Dr. Enrico Paringit

Executive Director, DOST-PCIEERD

Dr. Paringit finished his Doctor of Engineering degree at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he also went for fellowship with support from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He is formerly the Chair of the UP Department of Geodetic Engineeringand Director of the Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry. He was sworn in as the Executive Director of the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development in December 2018.

Marvin Tiu Lim

Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Mega Global Corp.

Marvin Tiu Lim is currently the Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Mega Global Corp, the makers of the number 1 sardine brand in the Philippines, Mega Sardines. He is also the President of Autokid Truck solutions, one of the country's largest truck suppliers, the founder of Laptopkid, and currently has investments in over 5 other businesses. At 31, he is a young executive and serial entrepreneur. He is a father to 2 little boys and a Christian by faith.

Mohan Belani

CEO, e27

Mohan is the Co-founder and CEO of e27, a startup and tech ecosystem platform focused on help startup founders build and grow their companies. He believes that startups can make the world a better place, and in order for Southeast Asia's tech ecosystem to be relevant, it needs to be driven by sustainable and impactful companies solving problems at scale. He enjoys working with Founders and helping them alleviate the challenges of building great companies specifically around the areas of talent, funding and market access.

Manuel Biermann

Partner, Unifier Ventures

Manuel Biermann
Manuel has an entrepreneurial background founding, supporting and investing into startups since his early twenties. His entrepreneurial track record includes early stage involvement at companies like KONUX (first employee, raised 51 million euros, founded 2014) and qmbase (founder, bootstrapped, triple-digit customer base, founded 2016). 

Mon Ibrahim

Executive Advisor to the Secretary, Department of Information and Communications Technology

Mr. Monchito Ibrahim is the Undersecretary for ICT Industry and Countryside Development and Management Services of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). He is a Trustee and President of the University of the Philippines System Information Technology Foundation (UPSITF). A member of the Technical Panel for Information Technology Education (TPITE) of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) since 2006.

Robin Bradshaw

Country Manager Indonesia, Cathay Pacific

Robin Bradshaw is the Country Manager Indonesia at Cathay Pacific. He had been on Cathay Pacific for over 10 years now. HR practitioner with two decades’ experience in general and people management roles. His particular expertise is on strategic planning and execution as well as organizational and leadership development. Bradshaw earlier served as General People Manager of The China Navigation Company, Ltd in Singapore and as Logistics Group General Manager of Steamships Trading, Ltd in Papua New Guinea.

MJ Panganiban

General Manager, Dragonpay Corp.

Mark Joseph P. Panganiban is the General Manager at Dragonpay, Corp., the pioneer and the leading alternative payment solutions provider in the Philippines. Concurrently, he is the Chairman of the E-Commerce Committee at the Fintech Philippines Association, an inclusive financial trade organization in the Philippines and an Industry Ambassador to the Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines, a non-profit, non-stock organization founded by the key players in the digital commerce industry in the Philippines, commonly known as DCOM.

Abbie Mendoza

CEO, Stylegenie

Abbie Mendoza is an experienced leader who has demonstrated a remarkable track record in international fashion buying and e-commerce solutions selling.She is currently the founder and CEO of StyleGenie, the first online personal styling subscription service in the Philippines.She is the first Filipina to be part of UNCTAD and Alibaba's eFounder Fellowship Program as part of the 1,000 Global Agents of Change for the New Digital Economy. She is also the founding partner of QratedCrates Pte Ltd (Singapore), an ongoing passion project dedicated to advocating the lifestyle subscription economy in SouthEast Asia.

Jason Gaisano

Country Partner, Gobi-Core Fund Initiative

Jason Gaisano is a country partner of the Gobi-Core Fund initiative, a micro fund set up to seed Philippine Startups as part of Gobi Asia Partners' ASEAN strategy. Concurrently, Jason also handles the business development arm of Taft properties, a real estate development company under the VICSAL group of companies of his family. Prior to working for the family business, he worked as an associate for a boutique private equity firm in New York focusing on deals related to health tech, biotech, asset management and fintech. He has made investments in these deals as well and continues to invest in SMEs and various startups. 

Roland Ros

Founder, Kumu Inc.

Roland Ros is the Founder of Kumu Inc, a livestreaming app with over 1.5 million GenZ & Millennial Filipinos.  In less than one year since it's launch, Kumu has been the #1 Trending Social App in the Philippines, and recently beat Facebook as the highest grossing app in the country.  Prior to Kumu, Roland built a career as a growth engineer, with a track record generating millions of customers for Fortune 100 companies in the United States.

Dino Araneta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, QuadX Inc

Dino Araneta Fernando "Dino" Araneta, fondly known at work as "Dinnovation" is the hands-on, work hard/party harder, category breaking Founder and CEO of QuadX, one of the fastest growing start-ups in the country. Armed with farseeing vision, a sharp mind, and a fearless and generous heart, Dino is reinventing the highly transactional and almost mercenary world of logistics into a business dedicated to fulfilling every Filipino’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur. QuadX is the company behind the following digital platforms: ShippingCart, GoGo Xpress, XPost and PayLink

Bianca Cruz

General Manager, Acceler8 by UNIONSPACE

Bianca Cruz is the General Manager of Acceler8 by UnionSPACE, a local coworking brand with a regional presence. She is a licensed real estate broker but has never formally practiced it because she chose to work with a startup. She has been immersed in the coworking and flexible workspace scene since Acceler8’s day 1, giving her 4 years worth of experience and insight in the industry.

Arnold Garcia

Group Head of Strategy and Business Intelligence, Entrego

Arnold Garcia is the Group Head of Strategy and Business Intelligence for Entrego Fulfillment Solutions Inc., a technology-driven logistics provider focused on Parcel Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Philippines. Entrego is a joint venture between Ayala Corporation, the oldest and largest conglomerate in the Philippines with diverse business interests, and the Global Fashion Group, which operates E-Commerce platforms in emerging markets. 

Bryan Yap

CEO and Founder, Republiq Group of Companies

Bryan O. Yap is the CEO and Founder of the Republiq Group of Companies (RGC), a Cebu-based Digital Transformation Agency that aims to future-proof businesses. RGC is composed of Ark Creative Web Studio Republiq, its Web Development Wing, Entertainment Republiq, its production wing and Creative Republiq, its Branding, Design, and Social Media Wing. RGC also runs Bai TV, a Facebook new media platform that produces quality Bisaya content. Prior to RGC, Bryan worked for his family business in the retail industry, but after being exposed to driven and passionate tech visionaries, Bryan knew he had to step up and contribute to a bigger world.

Ace Gapuz

CEO, Blogapalooza Inc.

Hazel Bernadette Gapuz, or "Ace Gapuz" as known to many, is an entrepreneur, marketing and public relations specialist, and financial education advocate. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Blogapalooza Inc., the Philippines' premier influencer marketing company established in 2011. She pioneered Wise Cash, a podcast that promotes financial literacy for the youth and young adults. A firm believer of the influence economy, she is also the brainchild of Buzzin, the first influencer marketing platform in the Philippines.

Carlo Almendral

Managing Director, Adaptive AI

Carlo has founded and led companies across markets with a focus on AI for social change. Currently, Carlo is the Managing Director of Adaptive AI, a New York-based commercial service creating AI-generated art collections that adapt to users' spatial data. Early in his career, he was a pioneer in social gaming, launching multiple games to tens of millions of monthly active users. Today, Carlo continues his philanthropy serving on the Innovation Council for the UN’s World Food Programme and Board Trustee at For The Women Foundation a school designed to teach women data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for free.

Adrian Avendano

Founder, Global South Tech

Adrian Avendano has been on a mission to change the world for the betterment of humanity. He is a computer scientist-programmer by background and has been coding for over 14 years. He started five tech companies since 2008 and traveled close to 80 countries. Out of these 80 countries, he has lived in 15 of them, speaks 7 languages and holds 2.5 passports. Adrian is the founder of Global South Tech which is now a global tech community in 45 different cities. We have organized 100 events around the world.

Carmina Bayombong

CEO and Co-founder, InvestEd

Carmina Bayombong is the CEO and Co-Founder of InvestEd- the Philippines' leading education loan provider for student dreamers. She strongly believes that education is the key to any nation's advancement. Over the past 8 years, she has trained more than 5,000 youth in topics of employment, financial literacy, peacebuilding, and entrepreneurship. Following her curiosity about how business models played a role in social change, she worked with Smarter Good to raise millions of dollars for social enterprises. She also worked on

Dr. Reid Lim

Medical Doctor and Founder, MEDGIC

Dr Reid Lim is a backpacker, medical doctor and the founder of MEDGIC - an artisanal Medical Artificial Intelligence company. He started life as a physician but soon realizes his passion is in AI. So why not combine both? Reid had no idea that years later his research would come to fruition and now he is a man on a mission to democratize healthcare - a gift from machines, to all men on Earth.

Erica Valerio

Head of Business Development, SCI Ventures Inc

Erica Valerio is the Head of Business Development of SCI Ventures Inc. (Satoshi Citadel Industries). Founded in 2014, SCI has been at the forefront of the Blockchain industry in the Philippines with an ecosystem of services ranging from payments, remittance, mobile money, and others, all powered by the technology behind Bitcoin.  SCI is pioneering a lot of cutting edge fintech apps not just in the Philippines, but globally, and was recently venture-backed by Kakao Investment, the venture arm of South Korean messaging app giant Kakao Talk.

Edison Tsai

Chairman of Strategic Partnerships,

Edison is responsible for managing and developing the Philippines  finance market, and works closely with other overseas counterparts to ensure successful expansion and implementation of SeedIn in the Philippines. He is currently the Chairman of Strategic Partnerships for He is also the founding CEO of Sigmasoft Technologies, which was acquired by Touch Solutions in 2011 just before going public on the Philippine Stock Exchange. 

Eunice Beatrice Braga

Donor Engagement Manager, IdeaSpace

Eunice Braga started her career writing stories for an English textbook for Grade 3 students and
has turned that first job into writing for national publications and then later on managing
corporate PR campaigns at a multinational marketing communications agency.
Eunice is currently the Donor Engagement Manager for IdeaSpace, the Philippines’ largest
private sector-supported organization for early-stage technology entrepreneurship.

Elyssa Lopez

Business Writer, Ambidextr Media

Elyssa Lopez is a business writer, who covered the e-commerce, fintech and tech startup beats since 2016. She previously wrote for Entrepreneur and Esquire Philippines before joining Ambidextr, a content marketing firm under the Future Now Ventures portfolio. She's part of the editorial team behind Winston Damarillo's newest book Ready or Not 2020.

Francis Plaza

Co-Founder and CEO, PayMongo

Francis Plaza Francis Plaza is the Co-Founder and CEO of PayMongo, an online payments processing company in the Philippines backed by some of Silicon Valley's sharpest investors. Before PayMongo, Francis has years of experience as a software engineer and running software teams in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He completed his undergraduate degree in computer science and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2013. Outside of his day job, he teaches a startup class on the weekends at the Ateneo John Gokongwei School of Management.

Francis Simisim

CEO and Co-founder, Social Light Inc.

Francis Simisim is CEO and Co-founder of Social Light Inc.

An Entrepreneur / Investor (VC) / Director with vast experiences in the field of SaaS, Enterprise, Property Tech, Events, Media, Marketing and Platforms. I'm a strong Business Development and Sales person, that understand tech and knows how to manage and lead people.

Hamilton Angluben

General Manager, Cashalo.

He has an extensive background working with the unbanked and underserved market of the Philippines, having served as the General Manager of Cebuana Lhuillier Marketing Services, Inc. for 5 years. Hamil also worked with Globe Telecom managing technology products such as WiFi and other enterprise IT solutions. In addition, he has vast experience in Business Development covering the Pharmaceutical, FMCG, and Financial Services industries.

Jean Alfonso Decena

AI Trainer, Starbutter AI

Jean is a pioneer in Conversational AI Design and Training, disrupting FinTech, Digital Marketing & Acquisition and Voice SEO. She helps bake bots for the Google-award winning Starbutter AI based in Skydeck, Berkeley in California. She’s a speaker, mentor and consultant on AI, Startups, Agile Methodology, Process Improvement, Talent Development and CS

​Joshua Arvin Lat

Chief Technology Officer, Complete Business Online, Insites, and Jepto

Lat is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Complete Business Online, Insites, and Jepto. He previously served as the Director for Software Development and Engineering for multiple startups which allowed him to see the bigger picture and be more effective as a professional and leader. For the past couple of years, he has been sharing his knowledge in several international and local conferences to discuss practical strategies for companies and professionals.

JV Poe

Chief Marketing Officer, Amplifi

JV is a business development professional whose background ranges from Telco, the Development Sector, and Tech.

Currently the Chief Marketing Officer of Amplifi, JV helps brands leverage on the latest social data innovations to build love for their brand.

George Samuels

Global Head of Community, Tribe Theory

George Samuels is the Global Head of Community for Tribe Theory, and founder of a community & tech firm called Faiā. He was labelled one of Australia's Best Community Builders by Pause Fest in 2017, and moved to Singapore late 2018. With a history in programming, animation, and even Bitcoin, he's worked in various industries from startups to corporate in search of what makes for truly productive communities. When he's not bringing people together, you'll find him boxing, reading, or referencing anime.

Hiyasmin Neri - Soyao

CEO, Shoppertainment Live Inc.

Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao is the CEO of Shoppertainment Live Inc., a livestream service production company that offers amplification of e-commerce campaigns on platforms. She was also a former Market Head under ABSCBN Creative Programs Inc, a broadcast media producer, and an artist under Star Magic. She was also one of the pioneer presenters of ABSCBN’s TV shopping channel, Oshopping.  Hiyasmin is a graduate of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, and the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Jack An

 Analyst, AppWorks

Jack is an analyst at AppWorks, one of the largest startup accelerators in Greater Southeast Asia (SEA + TW) with over 350 active startups and 1,000 founders in it's network. Before joining AppWorks, he was a co-founder and early team member at two InsurTech startups in Taiwan

Judge Calimbahin

Head of Strategy,

Calimbahin is a former Business Analyst from the Boston Consulting Group and a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University. He currently serves as the Head of Strategy at, the #1 youth platform for all students, with a mission to empower its 10+ million annual visitors to make self-aware education decisions that lead to a fulfilling career and life.

Katrina Rausa Chan

Director, QBO Innovation Hub

Kat serves as Director of QBO, a Philippine innovation hub and startup platform which she co-founded in 2016. QBO is the first of its kind public-private partnership initiative in the country specifically geared to provide resources, connections and support to accelerate the growth of Philippine tech startup companies, serves as Director of QBO, a Philippine innovation hub and startup platform which she co-founded in 2016. QBO is the first of its kind public-private partnership initiative in the country specifically geared to provide resources, connections and support to accelerate the growth of Philippine tech startup companies.

Gina Romero

CEO and Co-founder, Connected Woman Jobs

Gina Romero is the co-founder and CEO of Connected Women Jobs, a social impact tech startup that matches talented Filipino women with meaningful remote work opportunities. She’s an unconventional entrepreneur, community builder, and technology advocate.

One of her favourite quotes is: “From failure you learn, from success not so much" (Meet the Robinsons)

Jamie Getgood

Managing Director, Getgoodconsulting, Award winning HR consultant

Jamie is an award winning Senior HR Leader with a proven track record of achievement
across Generalist and Specialist HR roles in a number of large multinational organizations.
Jamie was named as the Australian Leader/Manager of the year at the Australian Excellence
Awards in 2017

Jose Avelino "JOJO" Flores

Co-Founder, Launchgarage

Jojo is Co-Founder and Plug and Play Tech Center, a Silicon Valley based technology startup accelerator, which he started in January 2006. At any given time, there are at least 400 startups at plug and play from all  around the world that access a network of over 200 angels investors, 180 venture capital firms, and 300 large corporation. In the Philippines, Jojo is Co-Founder of Launch-garage, which started operations in March 2016. Patterned after Plug and Play,Launch-garage 

Judah Hirsch

Founder and CEO, Salarium

Hirsch moved to the Philippines from Israel more than 10 years ago to run a mid-sized contact solution company. After his brief stint in the BPO sector in 2007, he established Triple I Consulting, Inc., a company whose core competencies lay in Regulatory Compliance and Consulting for the Food and Drug, Environmental, Accounting and Finance, and Corporate Compliance sectors. Under Judah's leadership, Triple I grew to be one of the top consulting firms in the Philippines advising Fortune 500 companies.


Ken Lerona

Head of Marketing and Communications, Entrego Philippines

Ken Lerona is an experienced marketing, brand, and communication professional in the Philippines with special interest in brand management, public relations, media, customer relations, and entrepreneurship. He has more than 10 years of road experience in strategic and tactical aspects of Marketing both in traditional and emerging digital platforms.His professional experience covers various industries, including FMCG, retail and leisure, telecommunications, real estate, digital platform, and logistics technology.

Matthew Kolling

Head of Venture Investments, Aboitiz Group of Companies

Matt is a seasoned investor with 20 years of experience beginning with his initial role in Morgan Stanley's storied Technology Investment Banking group in the late 1990s.  He received an MBA degree from The Wharton School after a stint with Morgan Stanley Venture Partners. Matt relocated from the US to Manila in 2016 and began his work within the Philippines startup ecosystem.  After nearly 3 years of investing his own capital in Southeast Asia as a super-angel, Matt joined Aboitiz to lead their VC investing globally.

Niña Terol

Chief Marketing Officer, Talino Venture Labs

Terol is a "communicator, connector, and changemaker" whose 20-year career spans the corporate, non-profit, creative, media, academe, government, and startup sectors. Her entrepreneurial and marketing journey started at age 10, when she started selling pastillas and custom-made stationery to the village titas (and delivering them via bicycle). She has since founded an editorial design firm and a culture design consulting firm, aside from heading communications for two Philippine senators and the largest integrated marketing communications agency in the country, among many other hats.

Natasha Bautista

Operations Head, QBO Innovation Hub

Natasha heads the Operations of QBO, Philippine’s first innovation hub and startup platform. A Bachelor of Science Management graduate in the Ateneo de Manila University, Natasha has been in the startup scene shortly after graduation and was one of the
founding team that brought over Grab to Philippines. In a span of 3 years, she jumped from intern to head of GrabCar as her last role, and is now currently helping other startups at QBO Philippines.

Nix Eniego

 VP Marketing, GetCraft

Nix is regarded as one of the top young marketing minds in the Philippines. He founded Social Media Academy—a fast-growing online school teaching thousands of freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs the best social media marketing strategies today. Currently, he is VP Marketing at GetCraft, the leading premium creative network in Southeast Asia. He is a keynote speaker on social media, personal branding, growth hacking, and growing online businesses. Nix is driven to put the spotlight on Filipino marketers as a truly world-class talent that can thrive in the global arena.

Nichel Gaba

Co-founder and CEO, Philippine Digital Asset Exchange

Even prior to founding the Philippine Digital Asset Exchange or PDAX, Nichel Gaba has always had a passion for investing.  He started his career as a Management Associate in HSBC, where he held various roles in Treasury, Retail Banking and Wealth Management. Nichel then became Vice President and headed the HSBC Trust Department.

Paolo Bugayong

CEO, Aide Ph

Paolo Bugayong
As a graduate of UC Berkeley International Program in Finance and the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of arts degree in Economics, Paolo was always the analytical type. Paolo has devoted his expertise in corporate finance, mergers & acquisition and management. Now, he runs AIDE, a health tech startup since he left corporate life in 2016. He has worked with San Miguel Corporation and 2 other consultancy firms including Ernst & Young. A born leader, Paolo received the prestigious Gerry Roxas Leadership Award in Ateneo.

Patrick Gentry

CEO, Sprout Solutions

Patrick Gentry is the founder and CEO of Sprout Solutions, a software company in the Philippines focused on automating the tedious processes of HR and payroll. He is a recipient of the Rice Bowl ‘Founder of the Year 2017’ award and has spoken at various conferences around the HR and business space such as: Asia Tech Summit, Asia CEO Forum Clark, Asia Young Leaders Summit, Asia BPM Summit, Innovation + Social Good Summit which consists of the activities: PH + Social Good Expo, RapplerTalks + Social Good Innovation + Social Good Plenary, and Move Awards Night.

Peter Lng

Managing Director, Blockchain Advisory Asia

Peter Lng Peter is the Managing Director of Blockchain Advisory Asia, a singapore-registered consultancy offering Enterprise Blockchain Development, QA Testing, Legal & Regulatory Advisory and Event Management Services for Blockchain companies existing or entering the Philippines. As part of Peter's advocacy for the early technology he founded BlockchainSpace, a community platform for Blockchain meetups, hackathons and specialized industry forums with an anchor space located in the heart of the Manila central business district.

Santiago Arnaiz

Digital Platform Editor, BusinessWorld

Santiago Arnaiz is BusinessWorld's digital platform editor, and the editor of SparkUp, the news and knowledge-sharing hub of the Philippine startup community.Before joining BusinessWorld, Tiago got his master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where he garnered honors in photojournalism and deadline writing. As a multimedia journalist, he specializes in reporting on business and emerging tech.

Vasyl Davydko


Vasyl Davydko company which supports international businesses to scale their Engineering teams faster, but establishing remote Tech Hub operations in the Philippines. With experience in multinationals such as McKinsey and Amazon, prior to co-founding, he was COO of First Circle, largest fintech SME lender based in the Philippines.

Shahab Shabibi

Co-founder and CEO, Machine Ventures

Shahab Shabibi Shahab is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Machine Ventures that prides itself in “Transforming Ideas into Companies”. Under Machine, he started MyKuya, an On-Demand Services Platform with the goal of creating 1 million job opportunities in the Philippines by 2022. He also founded HeyKuya, an SMS-Based Personal Assistant Service that was acquired just 6 months after its launch, making it the fastest technology acquisition event in the country.

Priya Thachadi

Co-founder and CEO, Villgro Philippines

Priya is the Co-founder and CEO of Villgro Philippines, an early stage incubator and investor that funds, mentors and nurtures impact enterprises, those that are building innovative solutions to impact the lives of the poor in the Philippines. Over the last three years, Priya has built the organization from the ground up – sourcing and selecting high-potential entrepreneurs who are solving some of the biggest social challenges in the Philippines, providing mentoring and advisory services to scale their social impact. She is currently leading multiple development projects in economic empowerment and entrepreneurship across the Philippines.

Unyx Sta. Ana

Co-founder, Zapateria

Unyx co-founded Zapateria, a co-creation hub for footwear-based creatives with a mission to foster innovation and creativity in shoemaking, nurture the new breed artisans, and develop a shared platform of craft practice with community-scale and sustainability in mind. She is an awardee of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Young Women Innovators, and one of the British Council Creative Innovators Program fellows.

Ron Baetiong

Co-founder and CEO, ChatBotPH

Ron Baetiong is an experienced startup founder who created the first and largest chatbot development agency in the Philippines. He led the growth of ChatbotPH that it has been acquired in only 12 months since conceptualization. Before ChatbotPH, he also founded Partyphile, the largest nightlife app in Asia.

Victoria Herrera

Founder, Next Theory

Victoria Herrera is a TV host, commercial model, and writer. She is the founder of Next Theory, a consulting firm and boutique agency, and the Director of Communications of Kumu, a livestreaming app built for GenZ and Millienial Filipinos. She is also the co-founder and Director of Brand Partnerships at SheTalksAsia, a platform that curates conferences that focuses on empowerment.